Leander Consultancy - Diving

Leander Consultancy Limited is able to offer our clients the following subsea system services.

  • Vessel Dive system annual audits.
  • Dive system annual third party audits.
  • On and Off hire system surveys.
  • Advice on new build diving systems both portable and built in.
  • System upgrades including project management.
  • Subsea vehicle inspections.

The owner of Leander Consultancy Ltd has over three decades experience within the diving industry including saturation, air, nitrox and trimix diving systems, subsea vehicles and lay equipment.

The unique benefit of Leander Consultancy Ltd is that the owner has been both an end user and operational offshore technician, working through the ranks to become the global equipment manager for a major diving company in Asia. During this period the owner was able to gain experience within an upper management position.

The diverse experiences gained in organising offshore operations, vessels and systems management, including direct financial control of a number of Dive Support vessels involved in global saturation and air diving operations, enables clients to receive a professional service.

Leander Consultancy Ltd also has experience in the fibre optic laying market, being a joint venture member with both International telecom USA (IT) and Norddeutsche Seekablewerke GmbH (NSW).