Leander Consultancy Limited was originally formed to create an independent global consultancy company for the oil and gas industry primarily involved with diving and rov systems. Leander Consultancy Ltd brings a professional and transparent approach to subsea systems and marine third-party audits.

Between 2014 and 2018 Leander Consultancy provided consultancy to two major shipyards in Norway and Baku, with the design, installation and commissioning of their built-in classification societies approved saturation and surface diving systems.

With the dynamic change within all industries Leander Consultancy Ltd has invested both manpower and finances to ensure the company is able to give customers and clients an up to date service. 

The concept of Leander Consultancy is to utilise knowledge gained from the oil and gas industry to ensure all operations are undertaken with the safety of all personnel, company and client equipment, whilst ensuring a professional reliable product is achieved for all parties.

With the change in technology Leander Consultancy Ltd has evolved to include unmanned aerial vehicles to the company’s available assets. With the use of USAS’s the human risk is greatly reduced. An example of where Leander Consultancy Ltd are able to drastically reduce the human risk element is with confined space inspections, This type of inspection is notorious within the global marine industry for incidents and fatalities. USAS utilisation remove the human risk from these tasks . The International Association of Classification Societies have recognised this and approved the use of USAS.

Leander Consultancy Ltd are approved by the UK CAA for multirotor unmanned aerial systems up to 20kg in daylight and night-time and hold commercial insurance to £10 million . This allows photographic and video inspections to be conducted with minimal risks at sea, building sites or private estates.

Leander Consultancy Limited is able to offer their clients the following services:

  • IRCA Auditing Services to ISO 9001
  • IMCA Audits using the current approved D023, D024, D053 & D063 formats.
  • Inshore diving contractors equipment asset management programs including planned maintenance systems.
  • New Build and Vessel Regneration mangement.
  • Aerial surveys of offshore structures.
  • Unmanned confined space inspections utilising digital imagery.
  • Remote location client aerial projects.
  • Client Site Representatives, for Subsea operations, cable laying and installations.

Leander Consultancy Limited is affiliated with the following  Professional Bodies.